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I am with K-9 Assisted Independence. We are a program in Houston, TX dedicated to training service dogs for people with disabilities at a low cost. We just wanted to let you know how much we absolutely love your treats! As a trainer Stewart Pro-Treat makes up most of my treat closet. It is a high-value treat for training and I have yet to find a dog that does not like it!
A.Y. Houston, TX

Zoe (Greyhound) and Mogwai (Chihuahua) love the freeze dried liver treats! Here they are patiently waiting for another treat! Zoe is a very finicky eater, and your raw formula is the only food she will eat! I recommend your brand to everyone! Your company is awesome and your products are top of the line! Thank you again!


Top of my list for high value reward training!


What WAS a stubborn little guy who didn’t want to walk on a leash; or come; or a whole litany of “puppy crimes against ownership” is now Mr Obedient!! Runs right out – potties, then comes back and sits, waiting for his little piece of Liver Treat! And because he only gets a treat when he potties outside – he’s making sure I know he needs to be let out. Good boy!! Thank you, Stewart Pet – training just got a lot easier!