The Human-Animal Bond = Incredible

Bond So, we know puppies are cute, and that cats can be finicky, and horses are incredibly regal and adored animals – but it’s their impact on human health that’s really noteworthy. From PTSD to depression, anxiety, and heart health, spending time with a pet has proven benefits you might not even be aware of. Petting an animal decreases blood pressure and cholesterol, which has positive effects on heart health, and depression can subside just by spending ample time with pets. Most dog owners engage in more physical activity than non-dog owners and owning a pet also benefits your immune system (and helps thwart children’s allergies!) Need we say more? Yes? Well, ok! Their unconditional love combats feeling of loneliness, which can fuel depression, as well as simply making you feel loved (seriously, what’s better than being greeted by your companion after a long day’s work?) Pets also help with recuperation – research shows that patients with a companion animal tend to have better recovery rates (in addition to combating depression that can sometimes come with illness or surgery.) Bonus benefit: they help you meet people! Pets can be an instant ice breaker as well as a way to get yourself out and about without feeling alone – from parks to training classes, your pet may be the key to your newest friend or love interest! We’d love to see photos of your special pals. Visit our Community page online to share and view other adorable pals!

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Pets Can Go Gluten Free, Too!

Gluten Free PetsIt seems like recently everywhere we turn one of our friends is going gluten free – and they’re always thrilled with the results. While the trend has endured some skepticism, there are loads of articles about the benefits of keeping your diet simpler and cleaner – and the same rules apply to pets! From severe allergies to weight control, the Internet is riddled with stories of a gluten free diet changing pets’ lives, which is exactly why you won’t see a lick of it in our food or treats.

Rather than it being a lifestyle choice on behalf of the owners, pets can also be gluten intolerant. Signs of intolerance are chronic GI upsets (diarrhea, constipation, vomiting in extreme cases), dry/flaky skin, hair loss, rashes, and scratching, as well as chronic ear infections. Before doing anything drastic to your pet’s daily diet, consult your veterinarian to pinpoint the perfect food regime. For more about how we do things around here, check out our About Us page.

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Winter + Pets: Cool Tips on Cold Weather Safety

Winter Paw PrintExtreme temperatures can be a bit of a wild card when it comes to caring for pets. On top of their regular maintenance, the weather is another [large] contributor when it comes to keeping them safe. Despite being beautiful to look at, those blankets of snow don’t exactly keep pets warm and cozy.

Insufficient shelter and bedding are the biggest threats to pets in cold weather. While we’re total advocates of allowing pets indoors, we understand not everyone is a fan of pet hair getting on, well, everything. If your pet spends a majority of their day outside during the colder months, it’s imperative to get them a sturdy, weatherproof enclosure that’s large enough for comfort but not so large that it doesn’t retain heat. We also recommend positioning the house in the opposite direction of the wind during really adverse weather. Provide your animal with thick bedding and consider putting some blankets out there as well. There are even pet-safe heating pads available for purchase, which can serve as a nice peace of mind that your pet stays warm.

Sunburn and frostbite are two very real threats if your pet spends a lot of time outside. While you can utilize sunscreen or a warm water soak, consult your veterinarian to determine the best products and course of action to prevent and treat these ailments.

Ice melting chemicals and salts can burn pets’ footpads. While there are pet-friendly versions, you can’t guarantee your neighbors are using them. You may want to consider getting some dog booties – they take a little getting used to, but it protects their paws from everything, including sharp objects that could be hidden in the snow. If you think your pet’s walked through salt or melting chemicals, wash their paws and monitor for any irritation. If you notice blistering or skin discoloration, call your veterinarian.

Monitor pets’ water – if it freezes, pets can resort to drinking out of puddles or other stagnant water, which is no good. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to go out there with a pot of boiling water every hour, there are convenient bowls that hook up to hoses and keep water circulating so it won’t freeze.

For other great tips from us, head to our Learning Center.

Now, if only we could train our pets to shovel the driveway!

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Healthy Living

Running DogDaily exercise and healthy eating habits create a long life of happiness for both you and your dog. Not only do you need daily exercise, but so does your trusty companion. Walks, playing fetch outside, and taking him to the dog park are all good sources of exercise. Fun activities such as completing a new hiking trail with your dog, or exploring an area you have not been to yet will not seem like exercise, but always make sure you have plenty of water for yourself and your workout buddy. Aside from exercising to stay healthy, eating a clean and natural diet will boost your energy levels. Exercising and having a healthy diet can prevent complications for both of you later on, saving you money on medical bills. Stewart® Raw Naturals™ dog food contains all natural ingredients that are freeze dried, locking in all the essential nutrients for your furry friend. Stewart® Raw Naturals™ contains human grade ingredients that are made in the USA, are grain and gluten free, and enriched with omega 3’s and 6’s. So enrich your life and the life of your companion by having an active lifestyle and eating healthy. You both will not only feel better, but a stronger bond will develop between you two.

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The Importance of Being Thankful

thanksWhen life seems so hectic, it’s easy to focus on what’s wrong – your laptop’s too slow, your car’s making that sound again, and you don’t even have dinner planned! Believe us, we totally get it. But when you allow yourself to become consumed with negativity , you tend to forget about all the amazing things that are right in front of you. With the onset of November we are instantly taken to thoughts of turkey, sweet potatoes, biscuits, and brown gravy – but when we take a step back from the delicious side of things, we like to focus on the core message of Thanksgiving: being thankful.

It starts by knowing that your thoughts are incredibly powerful – which makes thinking happy thoughts really influential in your overall wellbeing. It’s easy to get wrapped up in all the wrongs of your day, but focusing on just a couple of things that went right can completely dissolve those upsetting shortcomings. Noticing even the tiniest of things, like the fact you caught three green lights in a row on the way to work, can really have a domino effect on the things you choose to notice and what falls by the wayside. Long story short: think like your dog, who rolls around in the good things and simply kicks dirt and walks away from the bad.

Just welcoming a positive thought can have a ripple effect on your entire perspective with time. Being grateful also offers a chance to be present, as you’re looking for things in the current moment to notice and have a positive impact on your day – something that seems rare in these days of emails, cyberspace, and responsibilities.

Here are a couple of our favorite little things to be grateful for:
A beautiful day, the smell of fresh air
When a stranger holds the door
A gorgeous sunrise or sunset
A delicious cup of coffee, meal, or beverage
When our pets make us laugh
A big, beautiful tree or colorful flowers
No traffic!
Being loved
Cuddles with our pets

Things your pet is thankful for:
Good health
Stewart® Pro-Treats™

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Adoption Awareness

cute-puppy4-300x225Adopting a new pet is an exciting event and knowing you saved a life has its many rewards. You want to make sure your pup’s new home is everything he imagined. With all the love you already have for your new adopted dog, you want to have the right food and treats to keep him healthy and happy. When you bring your dog home he will probably be hungry, so what should you feed him? Our Stewart® Raw Naturals™ freeze dried or frozen dog food is packed with all the nutrients and vitamins he will need to live a long happy life. Stewart® contains a complete and healthy balance with all human grade ingredients.

Stewart® is rich in omega 3 and 6 and is grain and gluten free. Once he gets hooked on his new food he will love an all-natural treat during training, so try our Stewart® Pro-Treats™ that are 100% pure freeze dried liver. He will for sure listen to you once he tries these delicious treats, and please do not forget to adopt or donate to your local shelter or rescue facility.

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Last Minute Gifts for Fido

fidoThis year, half of all dog owners will buy Fido a gift for Christmas. Considering that there are over 83 million dogs owned, that makes for millions of presents for pets. Don’t let the holidays sneak up on you – here are a couple of great gift ideas for your pet (or the dog-loving neighbor you just know will stop by with a basket of her homemade soaps.)

A Snazzy New Getup – Give Fido a fresh new look with any of our great Hamilton collars, harnesses, and leashes. Our Gunmetal Collection boasts a variety of soft colors and our Reflective Collection boosts visibility for added safety.

The Gift of Grooming – Any dog owner knows the importance of keeping Fido looking his best. From our easy-to-use QuickFinder Nail Clippers to our fantastic brushes and combs, there’s a perfect gift for every coat in our Miracle Care line!

Treats – A sure-fire favorite among canines, there are two things to consider when purchasing treats as a gift: does the animal have any food allergies? And, would you give this to your dog to eat? Don’t buy your neighbor’s dog a rawhide from China that you wouldn’t give your own pet. Our Pro-Treats are a perfect edible gift, with just one all-natural, grain-free ingredient and made in the USA, we think this is one treat pets and owners will be happy to receive.

Dental products – Dogs aren’t children, so they won’t realize this is what might be considered a ‘lame’ gift. Whether you opt for our Miracle Care Dental Spray or our new Dental Pro-Treats, optimal dental health is a gift that keeps on giving.

Voila! We hope you take the opportunity to spoil your pooch (or someone else’s) this holiday!

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Veterans Day

Veterans DayNovember 11, 2014 is Veterans Day, a day we salute those who have served for our country. Due to the heroic actions our veterans have endured, some have developed PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), which triggers depression, anxiety, and many other issues. Thankfully, multiple organizations such as, Paws for Purple Hearts, Canines for Hope, and Warrior Canine Connection, help those with PTSD. The service dogs have helped PTSD victims show remarkable differences emotionally and physically. Service dogs for PTSD victims have elevated levels of oxytocin, lowered blood pressure, adjusted serotonin levels, improved sleep, and lessened anxiety and depression. Service dogs helping with PTSD were able to get veterans back to feeling like themselves again and no longer living in fear. Dogs have always been remarkable creatures and whether they are in our homes strictly as pets, or serving those with disabilities, everyone needs that companionship. On Veterans Day, as we stand proud for our soldiers and our country, let us also stand proud for the canine warriors who also help and support us.

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National Pet Wellness Month

National Pet Wellness Month Here at Stewart Pet, if there’s one thing we specialize in, it’s pet wellness. Sponsored in part by the American Veterinary Medical Association, this month is dedicated to the importance of regular wellness checkups and disease prevention. While nutrition isn’t specifically mentioned as a facet of this awareness holiday, we think proper nourishment is a major contributor to your pet’s health and wellbeing – hence why all of our food and treats boast simple, all natural, and safely sourced ingredients that pet parents can feel good feeding their furry friends.

Routine wellness check ups are also integral to your pet’s health, as it’s one of the most proactive ways to prevent serious problems. Don’t wait until your pet is showing outward signs of an ailment to make an appointment with your vet. The good news is that routine vaccines are the perfect opportunity for your vet to check on your pup, so make sure you schedule the appointment as soon as that reminder post card arrives!

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