Global Cat Day: Describing the different breeds in a nutshell

Cute Maine Coon cat

Global Cat Day: Describing the different breeds in a nutshell

It’s the time our pets have all been waiting for: Global Cat Day! Whether you’ve just adopted your new kitten or have had cats since you were a child, you know of the joys that kitties bring to us (as well as little dead things). While some cat owners know the exact breed of their kitty, many of us aren’t so sure. After all, there are considered to be over 70 cat breeds recognized by the International Cat Association, and it can be easy to lose count. So, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about the top 5 most common cat breeds in America.


  1. The Abyssian. This cat is perfect for the on-the-go owner that isn’t a huge fan of cuddling. While these kitties aren’t the most physically affectionate, they love to be in the same room as their owners and are famous for following them throughout the house (is that cute or what?) These cats are also notoriously crafty, and can easily climb and clamber through any structure you have in the home.


  1. The Siamese. A far departure from the Abyssian, the Siamese Cat is a great fit for someone who wants to snuggle with their feline as soon as they get home from work. With piercing blue eyes, a black face, and a creamy light-brown coat, Siamese kitties are known for being extremely vocal with their owners. They also need a lot of love and attention, and some Siamese Cats can become depressed without it.


  1. The Exotic Shorthair. Nicknamed “the lazy man’s Persian cat” the Exotic Shorthair Cat is known for its flat, sweet face and short coat, which is far easier to manage than a traditional Persian Cat. These kitties love to play and will happily curl up on your lap for hours at a time. They are famously easy-to-care-for cats with a cute round face, and can live up to fifteen years!


  1. The Maine Coon. Easy-going, cuddly, and endlessly playful, the Maine Coon is one of the most popular cats. These kitties are one of the biggest domestic cat breeds, with oodles of fluffy fur to pet and a sweet personality to keep you company. Maine Coons are also famous for letting their owners play with them in many ways that would irritate other breeds (hello, belly rubs!)


  1. The Persian. Perhaps one of the most high-maintenance cats, the Persian is the most popular cat breed in the United States. Persians require daily grooming, as their fluffy coat can become strangled or matted with even a few days without the pampering they need. With huge eyes and a loving personality, this kitty is the perfect life companion to cuddle, snuggle, and bond with for a decade or more.
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