Pro-Treat Wild Salmon

Pro-Treat Wild Salmon

Unleash nutrition and joy with this taste of wild salmon for dogs. It’s high in lean protein and rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Our Salmon for dog treats are considered one of the best healthy dog treats. They are an excellent source of protein, healthy fats, omega and amino acids. These nutrients help support skin, joint and brain health, as well as support your pet’s immune system.


Plus, they are delicious. Pets go crazy for them!


Note: We use a variety of wild salmon species. Because of this, natural color variations from light to dark can be expected with our treats.


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Stewart Pro-Treat Wild Salmon Freeze Dried Dog Treats
Made in The USA Using All-Natural Ingredients


Discover a taste of the wild salmon that will drive your pup wild. Our Wild Salmon Dog Treats are the perfect way to change up your pet’s routine. Stewart Pro-Treat Salmon for dogs with salmon skin is an all-natural dog treat made from wild salmon. Pro-Treat salmon treats are a gluten-free, grain-free and additive-free dog treat.


You can rest assured that our quality standards with high quality ingredients ensure that you’re feeding safe dog treats. Our all-natural dog treats are sourced in the USA and gently processed in small batches in the heart of the Midwest.


  • Support skin, coat, joint and brain health plus your dog’s immune system with 100% Wild Salmon. We include salmon skin, which is rich in Omega fatty acids and Omega 3 and 6.
  • Made in the USA dog treats are produced in our own facilities in the heart of the Midwest.
  • Nutrient rich fish treats for dogs include human-grade ingredients, gently processed, USDA-certified ingredients.
  • Grain free, gluten free, soy free, with no preservatives, no artificial colors, no additives and non-GMO. Everything dogs need and nothing they don’t.
  • Pro-treats are preferred by pros as a top dog treat for training for over 45 years.
  • Wild Salmon dog treats are a good choice for food sensitivities, dogs with allergies or those on a limited-ingredient diet.
  • Perfect for dogs of all sizes.
  • Keep treats fresh longer with our sturdy re-sealable tub that’s easy to open and close.
  • Small-batch, gently processed dog treats..
  • Support a healthy digestive system with no genetically modified ingredients.
  • Naturally vitamin rich and high in protein.
  • Good choice for energy and excitement.

Nutrition Information



100% Pure Wild Salmon


Guaranteed Analysis


  • Minimum Crude Protein 65%
  • Minimum Crude Fat 7%
  • Maximum Crude Fiber 2%
  • Maximum Moisture 5%


Calorie Content


  • 3925 ME Kcal/Kg or 4 Kcal per gram
  • Treats should take up no more than 10% of total daily caloric intake.

Feeding Guidelines

May be fed three times daily.


Daily feeding based on dog’s weight:


By Weight 10 – 30 lb 30 – 60 lb Over 60 lb
Number of Treats 1 – 2 2 – 4 4 – 6

Serving Instructions

Convenient diced reward size pieces are intended for intermittent or supplemental feedings.


Have a bowl of fresh water available to your dog at all times.

Available Varieties & Sizes

Our all natural, freeze dried wild salmon treats are available in the following sizes:


  • Tub: 2.75 oz., 9 oz.
  • Resealable Pouch: 2 oz.



Our single ingredient, freeze dried Pro-Treats are available in seven other irresistible varieties.


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Chicken Breast | 100% Pure Chicken Breast

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Chicken Liver | 100% Pure Chicken Liver

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  • Resealable Pouch: 3 oz., 11.5 oz.


Duck Liver | 100% Pure Duck Liver

  • Tub: 3 oz.


Lamb Liver | 100% Pure Lamb Liver

  • Tub: 3 oz.
  • Resealable Pouch: 3 oz.


Turkey Liver | 100% Pure Turkey Liver

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  • Resealable Pouch: 3 oz.